Top Educational Vacation Destinations

The next time you’re planning out your family vacation, why not add an educational angle to your trip? It can make for a fun escape that will be enriching for you and your children.

1. Washington, D.C

Obviously our nation’s capital is full of historical significance. There are monuments to the founding fathers that are open for tours. D.C also boasts a host of museums, including the world famous Smithsonian Institute. Watch our government in action by touring the White House, House of Representatives, or the Senate and appreciate the wonder of democracy.

2. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
One of the most beautiful natural landmarks in the United States is the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Formed by the Colorado River cutting through the desert for thousands of years, it is a sight that will take your breath away. Take your children on a mule ride to the bottom of the canyon explaining the science behind its formation. It’ll be a lesson in science they won’t soon forget.

3. Mount Rushmore, South Dakota
Carved into the side of the Black Hills in South Dakota the faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln will greet you with austere stares. A marvel of engineering and artistic endeavor, Mt. Rushmore is a sight to behold. While you visit, take a trip to the local Native American Reservations to learn about the pre-American history in the area.

4. Charleston, South Carolina
Originally called Charles Towne, this coastal city was founded in 1670. Much of the city’s history centers on the civil war and remains intact due to Sherman’s famous march missing the antebellum locale. Historical Fort Sumter, a handful of old plantations and a WWII aircraft carrier are only a few of this interesting places educational draws. And when you’re done learning, hit up one of the local beaches and learn to surf.

5. San Francisco, California
Though originally founded in the late 1700’s, San Francisco didn’t experience its boom until the gold rush of 1849. In a few short years San Francisco grew to be the largest American settlement on the west coast. Belonging briefly to the Spanish, Mexico and then finally America, this eclectic city bears the scars of its tumultuous youth. Visit the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, any number of museums, or tour what remains of Alcatraz penitentiary for an interesting life lesson.

These are only a few suggestions of interesting, educational spots for you and your family. Can’t afford to pack up the kids and head halfway across the country? Check with your states local historical society to discover new places closer to home (or within a day’s drive). The world is full of educational opportunities; all it takes is a little research.

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