Top Shows To See in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is that magic place filled with sounds of rustling banknotes, jingling coins, hypnotizing colors and endless parties in swimming pools. The city lures with a multitude of attractions, casinos of all shapes and sizes, shopping centers and top-notch entertainment.

While the city is a favorite spot of nearly all artists in the world working in all genres, many of them actually live in Las Vegas and offer their own shows for many years. Here are our recommendations regarding some of the top Las Vegas shows that are likely to play for many more years to come, that you should see on your next visit. For your convenience, we broke down the shows into several categories, so you can easily pick the shows that you would like the most.

If you enjoy comedy, then or top pick in this genre is the Blue Man Group. This show is like nothing else in the world. It combines the power of rock music and technology with a theatrical and comic skill and charm of 3 completely bald and blue guys, who create a highly entertaining party atmosphere. You can catch the show daily at the Starlite Theatre located at the Riviera Hotel & Casino. The show is perfect for all ages!

Another show that stands out in Las Vegas is Le Reve – for those who enjoy highly visual entertainment with skillful acrobatics and gymnastics. Le Reve is a journey into the world of fantasy, dreams and adventure. The show is a combination of live music, special effects, artistic athleticism, breathtaking aerobatics and amazing dance and choreography. This show would also be perfect to take your kids to. You can find the show almost daily at the Le Reve Theater at Wynn.

If you would like to experience something really unique in the “adult” category that includes elements of comedy, you should definitely try the Hypnotiq show – where the masters of hypnosis Terry Stokes and Michael Johns hypnotize volunteers from the audience. Remember that during this show practically nothing is taboo! The show is a pure hilarious improvisation, always different, with one permanent element – the volunteers fall “asleep” under hypnosis, and do and say things that they would never do or say in their “normal” state. Don’t be afraid that you will be fully exposed or manipulated – volunteers always remember what they were doing while under hypnosis, and the hosts take care that the things people do and say are more hilarious than embarrassing. The show takes place at the Harmon Theater at Krave in Planet Hollywood.

Would like to experience a “magic” show in Las Vegas? We will leave the conventional magicians behind, and would like to recommend you a magic show that will keep you holding your breath from the beginning to the end! Illusions by Jan Rouven incorporates elements of danger and death-defying stunts, plus a highly entertaining show with family-oriented jokes and professional dancers. A great place to see magic tricks and illusions for kids and adults. You can find Jan Rouven at the Starlite Theatre of the Riviera Hotel & Casino.

The article is written by Svetlana Rubejov, a freelance writer and traveler.

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