Top Sites to See in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan is a beautiful and fascinating city. Whether your travels have brought you here for pleasure or for business, there are many places to visit that will thrill and fascinate you. Here are a few of the best attractions to see while you are in Tokyo:

• Chidorigafuchi

One of the hidden gems of the mysterious East, this beautiful place will dazzle you with its vast array of seamless cherry blossoms. The beauty of the natural attraction will not only provide a great backdrop for amazing pictures and paintings, but a wonderful spot to stake out and have a picnic to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere.

• National Science Museum

There are plenty of places to view history up close and personal while in Tokyo. The National Science Museum of Tokyo is the equivalent of a natural history museum in Europe or the United States. You will see everything from dinosaur displays to the wonders of the history of Japan itself. It is also a great place to take kids if you are traveling with children, because they have a vast number of hands-on activities aimed for the younger ones.

• Shinjuki Gyoen National Garden

This garden is a welcome breath of fresh air from the normally busy pace of the Tokyo area. Whereas the city is crammed with many people, rushing to and fro across the city, this beautiful garden is extremely tranquil and lovely. Enjoy the gardens and stroll through at your pace, taking in all the sights and sounds. There are plenty of exotic birds, colorful trees and flowers and pretty ponds and water features to provide relaxation for hours.

• Sensoji Temple

Looking for a more traditional side of Tokyo, away from the bright lights of the city? This temple is not only an architectural wonder, but a piece of Japan’s heritage. There are many different areas of buildings of the temple to explore, and the grounds are vast and beautiful. You will also find plenty of shops nearby that sell quirky souvenirs and mementos.

• Edo-Tokyo Museum

This is a must-see for anybody who is looking for a fresh approach to the rich history of Japan. The museum is set up to display thousands of architectural pieces to create a picture of the long and distinguished history of Japan. You will get a look, first hand, at what is behind the culture and how they came to be known as the fascinating, modern city they are today.

• Meiji Jinju

This religious and historical site is a shrine that was dedicated to the Emperor and Empress Meiji. It is the perfect place to have a traditional Japanese wedding, as it is open for rental.

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