Tops tips for keeping your valuables safe whilst travelling

Holidays are usually the one time of the year your consistently look forward to. Time away from your desk, a prolonged period of relaxation and time spent with family and friends. However all too frequently these days holidays are ruined and often even cut short thanks to criminal intervention.
From room break-ins to street muggings, it seems no locations are safe from the taint of crime. Theft and robbery are even prominent in some of the world’s most expensive and exclusive locations. It seems only logical that wherever the money goes so too do the criminals.
In order to try and promote travel safety and to hopefully ensure our readers make it through 100% of their holiday we have put together these helpful tips on keeping your valuables safe. Whilst following the advise below may reduce your chances of falling victim it is always worth trying to go above and beyond the level of security you think is required.

Baggage tags

This tip is to ensure the safety of the valuables you are undoubtedly leaving unguarded at home. Make sure you refrain from adding your baggage tags until you get to the check-in desk. Criminals aren’t the slow minded imbeciles Hollywood would have us believe, and where better place to scout for vacant homes than at the airport? Having a home address tag on your bag is as good as telling a criminal where an empty property is! Don’t do it.

Controversial – take a door wedge

A good friend of mine had her door (electric key card door) opened in the middle of the night whilst on a recent holiday. This obviously shook her up but also made her question the security provided by electronic keys. Seeing as all hotels now use this keycard method of entry it makes you think twice about your safety. One solution to unwanted guests is to use an old fashioned door wedge on the inside of your door. This obviously causes fire safety issues so should only be used at your own discretion.

Use the room safe

So many of us stay in hotels and guesthouses every year where some form of security safe is provided. But how many of us actually end up using it I wonder? I would guess not very many. We have all heard stories of things going missing or credit cards being used that were in the hotel room; so why take any chances? The service is nearly always 100% free and it saves you the hours of hassle reporting crimes and cancelling cards.

Read hotel reviews

We know. Hotel review sites should be taken with a large pinch of salt. However mention of crime within the review  should not. Our advice is to take crime related reviews seriously, as on most major review sites false claims will be highlighted by the review site or the CRM manager for the hotel.
Only take essentials
Going on a two week beach holiday but taking all of your jewellery and watches? Stop right there. We know you want to look your best on holiday but is it worth the risk? Taking and wearing expensive jewellery and other luxury items immediately singles you out as a target; either for the items you are wearing or for other forms of crime.

Read travel blogs & books

If you are heading somewhere that might not be the safest place on the planet it is always worth reading up on the local areas. Some places such as markets and ports are hustling bustling tourist havens during the day but take on a sinister undertone when the sun goes down. Make sure you don’t have to find out first hand by reading a local guidebook or checking blogs.
This article on holiday security tips was brought to you by, who manufacture police approved composite front doors. Each composite door is accredited by the ‘Secured by Design’ UK police initiative for safer homes.

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