Touring Napa Valley in Luxury

Napa Valley

Freemark Abbey

Domaine Chandon Entrance

A Limo Excursion & Wine Tours

This company prides itself on being family owned and operated. Guests are all provided with a sophisticated tour in a relaxed atmosphere. Rather than taking guests to the most oft visited wineries, your tour guide will escort you to small, intimate wineries popular with the locals. You’ll be able to enjoy cellar and vineyard tours at these small wineries, making your experience in the region truly unique.

Beau Wine Tours

Not only will your chauffeur be well adept at driving you from winery to winery, he or she will also act as your guide! The drivers at Beau are experienced and knowledgeable tour guides and will give you a unique look into Napa Valley. Sit back in your elegant limousine and enjoy the incredible region’s wineries and vineyards.

Pure Luxury Wine Tours

Your chauffeured tour will take you to the popular wineries of Monticello, Cornerstone Cellars and Freemark Abbey. The five hour tour includes tastings at each winery, a gourmet lunch and a chance to purchase wines from three of the best-loved wineries in the region.

Consort Wine Tours

From the moment you step into the depths of your privately chauffeured Cadillac Escalade, you’ll be treated like a star. Enjoy your complimentary bottle of wine as your tour guide drives you along the valley, constructing a day tailored to your interests. Your day will be filled with nothing but pleasure as you are given complete autonomy in the planning of your ideal Napa tour.

Knight Wine Tours & Travel

This company provides a wide array of tours sure to suit any couple or family. From pet- and kid-friendly tours to romantic tours for two, Knight’s Tours can deliver exactly what you desire. The operators of the tour live in the region and have an insider’s view when it comes to the best wineries to visit, no matter the occasion! If you want to see more than wineries along your route, you’re in luck: Knight’s will show you some popular non-winery sites as well!

Napa Valley Wine Train

While riding aboard a train may not be the first thing you think of when you think “chauffeur,” what better way to sit back and enjoy the vineyards rolling by your windows? Your ride aboard the wine train will include a gourmet meal, train fare and up to two Napa winery tours. Guests can choose among Grgich Hills, Valley First, Ambassador, Domaine Chandon and Evening Wineries when deciding which wineries they would like to tour.

Touring through Napa Valley being driven by your own chauffeur is one of the most relaxing ways to see the region. Any of these companies is sure to offer you the tour that you’re looking for! Whether it’s a romantic trip for two or a fun family vacation, hiring a chauffeur in Napa Valley will ensure an educational tour like no other.

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