Traveling to a Golf Tournament

True golf fans will have to travel to a professional tournament at some point in their lives. The opportunity to watch Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy in person puts the game into a new perspective for weekend hackers. Many of these tournaments take place near major cities. Others happen in smaller venues that are quite far from major metropolitan areas.


Many people who are traveling to a golf tournament in an area with which they are unfamiliar would do well to study the travel information that a common vacation brochure can offer. A vacation brochure usually contains specific information regarding an area that includes such important information as maps, lodging and food accommodations.

If money is not an issue, it would be best to stay as close to the tournament venue as possible. Some tournaments are held at major resorts, and patrons can hope to get a plush room at the resort hotel if they plan far enough ahead for their trip. Pebble Beach in California and the Greenbrier in West Virginia hold annual tournaments and are well-known for their impressive luxury hotels. Regardless of where the tournament is held and where a patron chooses to stay, a trip to the course clubhouse for a meal after the round is in order if open to the public. The food at the higher-class clubs that hold major golf tournaments generally have outstanding food.


Those who are more budget conscious may have to look at travel information that deals with nearby towns because the lodgings will frequently be cheaper if they are abundant. This is more likely for tournaments that are near a major urban area like Washington, Los Angeles or Phoenix. The Masters tournament in Augusta will probably have less competition and thus higher prices in the immediate area. Meals will also be cheaper if patrons eat off-course at budget friendly options.


Those traveling to a professional golf tournament for the first time have two main options when it comes to viewing the action. The first is to find a grandstand or a fairway or green that allows for a camping chair. This sedentary choice will allow viewers who stay all day the opportunity to see every golfer as they come through their chosen site. Those who have a favorite golfer can also choose to follow them throughout the round. If the galleries are not too large, patrons can have the best of both worlds if their favorite golfer is among the first to tee off. They can follow their favorite and then camp out at the eighteenth green, a site that usually has an ampitheater or a grandstand. Regardless of the viewing choice, a professional golf tournament will give an entirely different perspective of the game.

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