Two Weeks in Europe – Where to Go

Europe is a fantastic place to travel, and one of the biggest benefits is that you can easily go from one place to another, visiting many varied destinations along the way. However, with so much choice available it’s hard to decide what to fit in. We’ve put together a list of our top destinations that we think you should definitely visit if you get the chance. All the destinations can be reached by Europe’s rail network and huge choice of low cost airlines.
So, you’re lucky enough to have two weeks in Europe, where should you go?

First on the list is the liberal and amazing city of Amsterdam. Famed for its beautiful network of canals and coffee shops, Amsterdam is a must visit city. We’d highly recommend taking a walk along the canals and stopping off at a few coffee shops to sample the delights of the local culture. If you enjoy museums, then Amsterdam also offers a wide range of historic museums and art galleries. Travel wise, this city can be easily reached by rail from most parts of Europe and with Schipol airport being a major hub, it’s also very accessible by air.

If you’ve never travelled in Europe before then Paris is probably firmly towards the top of your must visit list. Paris is one of the best places for cuisine, and most of the world’s finest chef’s have spent time working here. If you’re into your food, fashion, art and culture then you really won’t be disappointed. You’ll probably also not want to miss the Eifel Tower, the question is will you take the lift or brave the 1710 steps to the top? Because of Paris’ location and transport connections, it makes the ideal stop off destination on your way to other places in Europe.

Unlike other places in Europe, Barcelona almost guarantees hot weather. Situated on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, Barcelona offers the magic balance of sea, beach and cosmopolitan city. With more festivals than you can shake a stick at, this city always has something going on; from huge music festivals to street carnivals there’s something for everyone in Barcelona. At night the city comes alive with bustling tapas bars and a large mix of clubs and bars to keep you entertained into the small hours. For sunshine, fun and culture Barcelona is a must see!

As one of Europe’s biggest cities London is always on the ‘to-do’ list of any traveller. Most people visit London to take a look at the royal history which normally includes a visit to the Queen’s residence at Buckingham palace. But London offers a lot more in the way of museums, galleries and restaurants. You could easily spend a week here alone, walking around the busy west end and exploring the shops and restaurants.

No trip to Europe would be complete without visiting a city in Eastern Europe and out of them all, Krakow definitely gets our vote. Visit the historic square in the old town to see some of the beautiful architecture this city has to offer. For something more upbeat, take a trip to Kazimierz which has been developed into a really trendy area with a great range of cool bars and cafes.
All of the cities listed above offer travellers something different, and should give you a real flavour of Europe.

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