Vacation Rentals for Family Travel

When it comes to family travel, the world is your oyster if you utilize a few strategies for stretching your dollars. By saving money on accommodation, you will have more room in your budget for entertainment, dining, and kids’ activities. This might even bring expensive destinations like New York City, London, Paris or Las Vegas into your price range. Keep reading to discover how vacation rentals offer great value for family travel.

New York City

The Big Apple is known for world-class museums, important historical attractions, and incredible theater. Yet it’s also incredibly expensive. Hotels often start at $300 or $400 a night for a basic room. And then there are restaurants — also significantly expensive unless you want to spend your whole trip eating pizza.
Vacation rentals can solve all of these problems. Find a spacious condo in a local neighborhood and your family will have room to spread out. With a kitchen, you can prepare healthy breakfasts and lunches, or even pack picnics to enjoy New York’s parks. Instead of a tourist’s perspective on New York, you (and your kids) will gain a more local perspective. The money you save can go towards museum entry fees or theater tickets.
Some families look at the exchange rate and think London is out of their budget.  But why not broaden your lodging search beyond the city center? London has an incredible underground (or subway) system that links together all parts of the city easily and quickly. Instead of paying for a central hotel, why not get to know one of London’s neighborhoods in a vacation rental?
You might find that starting your day strolling through the Portobello Market in the Notting Hill neighborhood is a better start than another hotel breakfast. Prices for meals and drinks are also more reasonable outside of the city center. Plus, many of the best museums in the city offer free entry, including the National Gallery.
The capital city of Paris — with its expensive hotels and posh restaurants — can be intimidating to families. But with a few advance preparations, you might begin to see Paris as a place the whole family can enjoy for its culture, casual brasseries, and historic attractions. Avoid the chaos of central Paris and choose a local neighborhood where your kids will have the eye-opening experience of seeing how French kids live.
In these areas that aren’t overrun with tourists, you might find that the locals are friendly (for the French) and willing to help you discover the hidden gems in the neighborhood. Learn “hello” and “thank you” in French and head out to bakeries, cheese shops, and grocery stores to stock the fridge.
Las Vegas
The bright lights, the rides and amusements — Las Vegas is a surprisingly family friendly town. Yet with big luxury hotels and celebrity chefs, it can also be expensive. Bring Sin City back into your price range by choosing a vacation rental. With the money you save on preparing some of your own meals, you can indulge in all the roller coasters and death-defying amusements that Vegas has to offer.
Finding the Family-Friendly Side of Every City
There is no city on earth that isn’t family friendly, but sometimes it takes a little effort and planning to discover this side of it. Stick to local neighborhoods and research public parks and outdoor markets, and you will set the stage for a budget-friendly family trip that your kids will talk about for years to come.

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