Visiting Norman, OK

I got the free brochures today, thank you. We will be in Oklahoma the last week of July. We will mainly be in Lawton and Oklahoma City. Lots to look at in those cities. Should be a fun road trip.We are taking another couple with us on our road trip. Two years ago, we were taking a road trip thru Oklahoma for a week. We were to end up at Stillwater for the Baylor vs. Oklahoma State game. We started out in Lawton. We ate a hamburger at Meers (great), saw Ft. Sil museums and went to the casino. Then we spent 3 days is Oklahoma City. We had a great time until the snow storm came . So we cut it short and headed back to Texas. Ever since then , we have talked about going back and see what we missed. Another couple has wanted to tag along- so it should be better…..Vic

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