What To See On Your Vacation To Minnesota

If you are planning a vacation to Minnesota, there are many sights that you should plan on visiting. Some are well known, like the Mall of America, but there are also many other family friendly attractions that are off the beaten track and will make your Minnesota Vacation memorable.
If you are visiting the central part of the state, consider stopping in the small town of Freeport. Stop and have lunch at Charlie’s Cafe, which is featured in Garrison Keillor’s book about the fictional Lake Wobegon. After you are finished eating, head down the road to the Hemker Zoo which is located on the edge of town.
The Hemker Zoo is a hidden treasure in Freeport. This small zoo is very affordable, and features exotic animals as well as young farm animals. Spend a day here feeding the deer and birds and letting your children play on the playground.
If your Minnesota travels bring you to the southern portion of the state, a stop at the Mystery Cave in Preston is not to be missed. This is located within the Forestville State Park, and tours are available on spring weekends and throughout the summer. You will be walking underground on paved paths and over bridges as you listen to the guide talk about the beautiful underground lakes and passageways.
After your cave tour, drive over to Austin, Minnesota. Austin is the home of Spam, the breakfast meat in a can. The Spam museum is an interactive museum filled with history and interactive games about Spam. Top off your visit in the museum gift shop, where you can buy anything and everything related to Spam.
Minnesota is known as the land of 10,000 lakes, and many of these lakes are located in Northern Minnesota. A Vacation Brochure will list many lakes to visit, but there are other attractions in this area that will make your Minnesota Vacation complete.

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