Where can you find the most thorough travel info?

When it comes to trip planning, there is no shortage of information and resources that you can use to help you find travel information. Whether you use the internet, print materials, or word of mouth, there’s no shortage of information out there. To truly make the most of your trip, using a combination of all of these resources is a good idea.


For a brief introduction to your travel destination, look into getting a vacation brochure. These are brief pamphlets or small books with information on the major attractions and sights to see. They are a good way to get introduced to your destination, but they are usually produced officially by the state or city you are visiting, so you won’t see any objective information. You can get these vacation brochures by visiting a travel agent, rest stop in the state you’re interested in, or by ordering them online, usually for free.


Travel books have always been a great way to get information. There are a number of guides, such as Lonely Planet, Rick’s, Fodors, and more. These books gives you a really good overview of everything there is at your destination. It has information on hotels, transportation, attractions, and dining. They also not only give travel information, they also give some thoughts and reviews. The downside to books like these is that information can become outdated after it’s published, and you will only get a brief overview of everything in the book, rather than really detailed information on everything.


The internet has really made travel planning easier and more convenient. You can research the things you’re interested in first hand, and find more detailed information than you’re likely to find in a book. The most up to date prices and information are available on official websites, and you can also book hotels and buy tickets for events ahead of time online. There are plenty of websites such as Trip Advisor that allow other travelers to help each other out. You can leave reviews of hotels, restaurants, and attractions in places all over the world. It’s a great way to see what real people’s experiences are like. Just keep in mind while using a site like this that some people can be overly critical, or that they may not be in the same situation as you. For example, someone used to staying in 5 star hotels might rank something lesser with a low rating, but someone who prefers more affordable accommodations would be perfectly fine without all of the extra amenities.


Finally, word of mouth should not be underestimated. Usually word of mouth comes from the people you know the best, such as your family and friends. Their opinions can help you decide what would work for you. If they like something enough to talk about it, that’s probably a good sign!

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